Enjoy the thrill of shots with our strong and powerful array of options! To fully enjoy our shots, it's important to take it all in one go, and then let the flavors mix around a bit before swallowing. Grab a few friends and really get the party going! 

Birthday Cake


Using a combination of real cake mix, milk, and the wonderful nutty flavor of Amaretto, this shooter (larger than our other shots) is rimmed with frosting and sprinkles, then topped with whipped cream. Because you deserve it.


Contains: dairy

Double Rainbow


A carefully layered, rainbow-colored shot that has the tartness of unsweetened cranberry, the sweetness of orange from blue curacao, and the fizzy punch-in-the-face of NOS, a lemonade-flavored energy drink.

Contains: caffeine





This is a tasty little shot combines the flavors of Kahlua (coffee and chocolate) and Irish cream. Our non-alcoholic Kalua subsitute (Pero, sugar, and chocolate syrup) is carefully layered on top of our Irish Cream (Irish Cream syrup blended with half & half) and topped with whipped cream.

Contains: dairy





This shot packs a wallop! Lime Juice and Triple Sec get extra sour with citric acid, and are topped with Bawls Guarana. 


Contains: citrus, caffeine.




Scooby Snack


A delicious blend of pineapple juice, melon, banana, coconut, rum, and milk, all topped with whipped cream. You won't find a tastier treat than this one. 




The Redhead


The tart cranberry juice is tamed by the sweet and smooth peach puree, spiked with anise (licorice) flavoring. This one's strong.




Thin Mint


Tastes just like a thin mint! Carefully layered crème de menthe syrup, Irish Cream and house Kahlua, a coffee-tasting syrup made with Pero and dark chocolate.


Contains: dairy



Toro Rojo


This shot gives you wings! A strong, sour mix of Red Bull, Strawberry Puree and Lime juice, garnished with a slice of lime. 


Contains: caffeine, citrus



True Blue


This is a tropical concoction of coconut, peach, orange, lemon, lime, and rum syrup with a frothy punch of Bawls Guarana soda, creating a gorgeous teal blue.

Contains: coconut, caffeine





The Watermelon shot combines the sweetness of melon and watermelon with an exciting punch of sour and Red Bull.

Contains: caffeine





A sweet and sour punch of Melon, Blue Raspberry, and Monster Energy drink. These shots glow a strong green under black light.

Contains: caffeine



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