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From Margaritas to Pina Coladas and more! Our frozen (blended with ice) mocktails are delicious treats to help you cool off!


Margarita Mocktail, Margarita cocktail, Margarita, scratch margarita, classic margarita, non-alcoholic margarita
Classic Margarita


Crafted from scratch! Fresh lime juice, Sweet & Sour mix, house made non-alcoholic Triple Sec, all sweetened with deep earthy tones of Blue Agave nectar. Served in a margarita glass, rimmed halfway with salt. 

Contains: citrus



Cozumel Margarita, Margarita Mocktail, Non-alcoholic margarita, blue margarita
Cozumel Margarita


Sweeter than the classic Margarita, this delicious and delightful drink is made with house Triple Sec, Fresh Lime Juice, and sweetened with Agave. Rimmed halfway with salt, the Cozumel Margarita adds to any event. 

Contains: citrus



Desert Pear Margarita, Pear margarita, prickly pear margarita, virgin margarita, desert pear, nonalcoholic margarita
Desert Pear Margarita


A magnificent combination of lime, agave, triple sec, and sweet and sour with sweet and deep tones of prickly pear. Served in a margarita glass rimmed halfway with salt, this brings your margarita to the next level while keeping the original tartness. 

Contains: citrus



Fiery Margarita, Habanero margarita, pop rocks margarita, nonalcoholic margarita, virgin drinks,
Fiery Margarita


A frozen margarita (slush consistency) with a classic lime flavor and a hint of habanero, served in a margarita glass rimmed with agave nectar and green apple flavored Pop Rocks.. The cold sweetness is countered by the habanero-lime syrup that slowly warms the back of the throat.

Contains: citrus



Lime in da Coconut, Coconut Lime, Non alcoholic drinks, virgin drinks
Lime in da Coconut


A rich slushy blend of cream of coconut and sweetened lime juice, with a slight hint of pineapple. Served in a margarita glass and topped with lime zest.

Contains: citrus, coconut



MMM, Mango Margarita, Mountain Dew Margarita, Mtn. Dew Margarita, Mango Mountain Dew, virgin margarita, nonalcoholic margarita
Mango Mountain Dew Margarita (MMM)


By far our most popular margarita, the MMM combines the sweet goodness of Mango, Fresh lime juice, Nonalcoholic House Triple Sec, and Mountain Dew. Garnished with a mango slice and served either in a Margarita glass, or double it up in a Tall Cooler glass. 

Contains: citrus, caffeine



Pina Colada, virgin pina colada, nonalcoholic pina colada, coconut drinks, fancy drinks
Pina Colada


Enjoy the classic made with real ingredients. Cream of Coconut, Pineapple juice, and rum syrup blended with ice make a delicious, creamy treat! Garnished with a pineapple wedge, cherry, and umbrella

Contains: Coconut



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