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From Champagne Mocktails to Hurricanes, here you'll find all the other drinks that we offer.


Mimosa, Blood Orange Mimosa, Sorbet Mimosa, Champagne mocktail, non-alcoholic champagne, faux champagne, virgin champagne
Champagne Cocktail, Champagne mocktail, non-alcoholic champagne, faux champagne, virgin champagne
Dreamsicle Mimosa, Non alcoholic champagne, nonalcoholic mimosa, mimosa, creamy mimosa
French 77, St. Germain, Elderflower drinks, Champagne drinks, nonalcoholic champagne
Irish Lavender Mocktail, Irish Lavender, Lavender champagne, Lavender drink
Peach Bellini, Peach Bellini mocktail, bellini mocktail, virgin bellini, nonalcoholic champagne
Strawberry Bubble, nonalcoholic champagne, virgin champagne, champagne cocktails, wedding drinks
Blood Orange Mimosa


A delicious combination of Blood Orange Sorbet combined with de-alcoholized Champagne. The coldness of the sorbet and the crispness of the Brut Champagne combine for a delightfully enjoyable and sophisticated drink.


Contains: Citrus



Champagne Lindon (Champagne Mocktail)


Our take on the classic Champagne Cocktail. A sugar cube is soaked in Orange Bitters and muddled into a champagne flute, then topped with Fre Brut, a de-alcoholized Champagne from Napa Valley, creating a bright, exciting and delcious drink with a fruity bouquet. Garnished with a raspberry and/or orange twist.



Dreamsicle Mimosa


Orange sherbet blends with Fre Brut, a de-alcholized Champagne from Napa Valley, creating a delicious, creamy, bubbly treat! Served in a Champagne Flute, garnished with a slice of orange.


Contains: citrus, dairy



French 77

The French 77 brings the sweet, delicate, floral notes of Elderflower balanced with a splash of lemon juice to the crisp freshness of a de-alcoholized Brut Champagne. Garnished with a lemon twist.


Contains: Citrus



Irish Lavender


A lovely, sparkling and floral drink combining the flavors of Lavender and Irish Cream.



Peach Bellini


The bright and elegant Bellini mixes Fre Brut, a de-alcholized Champagne from Napa Valley, with Peach Puree, adding a fruity sweetness to this Champagne Mocktail. Served in a Champagne Flute.



Strawberry Bubbly


Strawbery Puree is mixed with Fre Brut, a de-alcoholized Champagne from Napa Valley, and served in a Champagne flute, garnished with a strawberry. 




Apple Beer, Caramel Apple Beer, Apple Beer Mocktail
Apple Beer, Caramel Apple Beer, Apple Beer Mocktail
Dark and Stormy, Dark 'n Stormy, Dark and Stormy mocktail, Ginger beer mocktails, ginger beer, ginger beer cocktails
Dirty Cuba Libre, Cuba Libre, Dirty Coke, Rum n coke, Rum and Coke
Hurricane Mocktail, Hurricane, Hurricane cocktail, Mardi Gras drinks
Lemon Berry Sparklke, Raspberry lemonade, strawberry lemonade, sparkling lemonade, lemonade mocktail, virgin drinks, gourmet lemonade
Mai Tai, Tiki Drink, Nonalcoholic Mai Tai, virgin Mai Tai, Pineapple drink
Irish Coffee, Coffee substitutes, Virgin Irish Coffee
Milk Steamer, milk drinks, fun hot drinks, nonalcoholic drinks.
Cider, Spiced Cider, Apple Cider, Sarah Wight Photography,
Banana Bread Beer


The bitter bread flavor of non-alcoholic beer is sweetened by Banana and Hazelnut. Served in a pilsner or Beer Mug.




Caramel Apple Beer


Chilled apple beer, garnished with a swirl of caramel syrup and a hint of cinnamon, served in a chilled glass beer mug or pilsner.

Contains: cinnamon



ZPM Dark and Stormy


A delicious blend of Ginger Beer and our house Dark Rum syrup, served over ice and garnished with a lime wedge.

**Note: We will typically stock one brand of Ginger beer when serving this drink, though there are many to choose from. Some are spicier than others, and many are imported. Our experimentation in finding the best brands is an ongoing endeavor, and this list is not comprehensive. If you would like a brand that is not mentioned for your event, please specify. For this reason, we provide the following pricing chart. Highball glasses contain twice the amount of a rocks glass. Price on Pricing page is for Sioux City brand Ginger Beer. 



  • Sioux City                

  • Bundaberg                 

  • Fentiman's       


Contains: ginger, citrus


Dirty Cuba Libre


We've combined two classics into a beautifully refreshing mocktail. Mexican Coca-cola mixes with Jamaican Rum, Coconut, and fresh Limes, with Half and Half floated on top. Served in a large cooler glass over ice.


Contains: citrus, dairy





This Mardi Gras classic combines Passion Fruit, Lime juice, Orange juice, Grenadine, Light and Dark Rum syrups, topped with Club Soda, garnished with an orange wheel, maraschino cherry, and umbrella, creating an exciting electric fruit storm.

Contains: citrus



Lemon Berry Sparkle


A sparkling lemonade mixed with Strawberry and Raspberry Puree, garnished with a lemon wheel or strawberry, served in a Poco Grande (small hurricane) glass. 

Contains: citrus



Mai Tai


A classic among the Tiki Drinks, the Mai Tai combines the sweetness of Pineapple juice and house-made grenadine with the brightness of lime juice and house Triple Sec, balanced with the sophisticated undertones of Orgeat (an almond flavoring) and light and dark rum flavors, topped with sparkling club soda. Garnished with a pineapple wedge, cherry, and umbrella.

Contains: citrus



Irish Coffee


Warm up with a delcious brew of our House Coffee (Toasted barley base with brown sugar; free of coffee and caffeine) topped with our house Irish Cream (Irish Cream flavored Whipping Cream).


Contains: dairy



Milk Steamers


A cup of hot milk, flavored with your choice of Irish Cream, ZPM Kahlua, French Vanilla, Vanilla, Caramel, Crème de Menthe (mint), Chocolate, Hazelnut, Cinnamon, Rum, Almond, Pumpkin Spice and Amaretto. You may select up to five flavors to have available at the event, with others incurring additional cost. If you choose to only have milk steamers, you may select up to ten.

Contains: dairy



Spiced Apple Cider


Following the traditional New England style, we brew up a heartwarming apple cider spiced with cinnamon, cloves, and hints of tangerine.

Contains: citrus



Italian Soda Bar


For a light, refreshing option, choose any flavor of soda. Add cream for a richer taste! May select up to 6 flavors, with additional flavors available at extra cost.


Contains: dairy



Soda Bar


While mocktails are fun and exciting, sometimes you just need to have a classic soda that you know and love. Let us know what name brands you'd like to have at your event and we'll offer unmixed soda. Select up to 4 sodas, with additional available at extra cost.



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