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Zero Proof Mocktails, non-alcoholic, mocktails, champagne, classy drinks


Need to add extra flair to your event? Hire quality bartenders whose non-alcoholic drinks and shots will keep the night's conversation spoken, not slurred. We have an ever-growing collection of unique drinks we've designed that we're certain you and your guests will love!


Where does the name "Zero Proof" come from?


Proofing is the traditional system for determining the alcohol level in a drink. The Proof  of a drink is roughly twice the percent of alcohol by volume. So if a drink contains 20% alcohol, it's deemed to be 40° proof. But you don't have to worry about that with us; all our drinks are Zero Proof!


Zero Proof Mocktails is proud to serve their non-alcoholic cocktails, or "Mocktails," to the Utah Valley for weddings, events, business parties, private parties, quinceañeras, or whatever event calls for great fun drinks!

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