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Get better acquainted with the many drinks we have to offer! 
We're always looking to expand our collection, so if you don't see what you want, feel free to make a request!
While there are many different ways we could organize our drinks, we've categorized them according to 
the glass in which they are most commonly served. Alternatively, feel free to view all our drinks at once.

Contact us to schedule a tasting!



From classics such as the Appletini, Cosmopolitan, and Lemon Drop to delicious dessert drinks, these drinks are sure to add class wherever they go.


The drinks in this section are shaken with ice and served in a Martini glass.
8-10 oz. Avg.



Martini Mocktails
Old Fashioned Mocktails


Here you'll find our drinks that are served over ice or "on the rocks." Included is our take on what is considered to be the first cocktail, the "Old Fashioned," as well as many more!

In addition to standard ice options, we offer large cubes and spheres (for select drinks only).
​7-9 oz. Avg.

Double Rainbow, Rainbow Shot, Layered Shot, Nonalcoholic Shot.


Get the party rolling with our fun and exciting shots! From our signature "Double Rainbow" shot to Birthday cake,  you'll find exciting and powerful shots in this section.


1 oz. Avg.




As it sounds, here you'll find all the drinks that don't fall into the above three categories. Included are our fluted drinks, including our Champagne Mocktails, as well as favorites such as Dirty Cuba Libre and Hurricane!

Range between 5-20 oz. 



Refresh yourself with one of our delightful sparkling Mojitos or Collins drinks! Served in a tall glass over ice.

12 oz. Avg.

Mojito, virgin Mojito, nonalcoholic mojito


Cool down with some of our Frozen (blended with ice) mocktails! From our wide selection of Margaritas to the rich Lime in da Coconut, and more!


9-15 oz. Avg.

Pina Colada, Virgin Pina Colada
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