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The Rocks glass is a shorter glass with a wide brim and a thick base. Most drinks are served with ice, or "on the rocks," hence the name. It is also known as a lowball, or Old Fashioned glass, getting the latter name from the cocktail of the same name. 
Rocks glasses hold 7-9 oz.


Firebird, Rockstar cocktail, nonalcoholic fire drink, burn virgindrink


An electric combination of Rockstar, Rum syrup, Non-alcoholic Triple Sec, and Lemon juice, garnished with flamed orange zest. Served in an old fashioned glass on the rocks.


Contains: caffeine, citrus


Grounds for Divorce, Grounds for divorce cocktail, grounds for divorce mocktail, grounds for divorce drink
Iron Will, Ironport Drink, Iron Will Mocktail, Rocks mocktail, Blackberry Drink
Grounds for Divorce


Here's a game changer: Honeydew Melon and our version of Absinthe combine with tonic water to create a powerfully bright and bittersweet drink that will leave you with light notes of eucalyptus. Served in an old fashioned glass on the rocks.



Iron Will


A delicious original, the Iron Will combines Ironport (similar to a creamy cherry root beer) with the berry flavor and kick of AMP Focus (an energy drink), served in a whiskey glass on the rocks and garnished with a blackberry.

Contains: caffeine



Matador, Red Bull drinks, red bull cocktail, virgin drinks


A sweet and sour blend of Red Bull, Pineapple nectar, Lime juice, Agave and Grenadine, rimmed partially with salt, and garnished with a skewered cherry. Served in a whiskey glass on the rocks. Toro, toro!


Contains: caffeine, citrus



Mint Julep, Virgin Mint Julep, nonalcoholic mint julep, Mint, Bourbon, nonalcoholic whiskey
Mint Julep


A classic from the Kentucky Derby. Cool off with this sweet refreshing blend of our non-alcoholic house Bourbon Syrup, Fresh Mint, Club Soda, and Powdered Sugar, topped with old fashioned, mallet-crushed ice. Served in a whiskey glass on the rocks.


Old Fashioned Mocktail
Old Fashioned


As this is allegedly the first cocktail, we went to great lengths to do it justice. The bright bittersweet flavors of tonic water, orange, and Angostura bitters give excitement, while the smooth finish of maraschino cherry and Bourbon Whiskey flavors add refinement and a woody, smokey undertone. Served in an old fashioned glass on the rocks and garnished with a maraschino cherry and orange slice.

Contains: citrus

Whiskey Sour Mocktail, nonalcoholic whiskey, alcohol free whiskey drink. Whiskey Sour
Whiskey Sour


Keeping things wonderfully simple, our Whiskey Sour consists of fresh cherries muddled in our House Bourbon Syrup, Sweet & Sour mix, topped with club soda and garnished with another cherry. Served on the rocks.

Contains: citrus

Dark and Stormy, Dark 'n Stormy, Dark and Stormy mocktail, Ginger beer mocktails, ginger beer, ginger beer cocktails
ZPM Dark and Stormy


A delicious blend of Ginger Beer and our house Dark Rum syrup, served over ice and garnished with a lime wedge.

**Note: We will typically stock one brand of Ginger beer when serving this drink, though there are many to choose from. Some are spicier than others, and many are imported. Our experimentation in finding the best brands is an ongoing endeavor, and this list is not comprehensive. If you would like a brand that is not mentioned for your event, please specify. For this reason, we provide the following pricing chart. Highball glasses contain twice the amount of a rocks glass. Price on Pricing page is for Sioux City brand Ginger Beer. 



  • Sioux City                

  • Bundaberg                 

  • Fentiman's       


Contains: ginger, citrus









(Only in Highball)

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